Index of Photographs: Trip on the Canals by Narrowboat
to the IWA's National Rally at Windmill End, Netherton/Dudley

Liste der Seiten zu der Fotoserie Bootsfahrt zur nationalen Rally der IWA
(Inland Waterway's Association) in Windmill End, Netherton/Dudley

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START here: Travelling to Windmill End
Sophia moored in Tipton
Through the locks
President and Kildare speeding off
Watery Lane Junction 1
Watery Lane Junction 2
Watery Lane Junction 3
Pamandy coming up behind us
Family Outing
Pamandy is moored close to tunnel entrance
Netherton Tunnel Entrance
Netherton Tunnel Exit South
The Site of the 1996 IWA's National Rally
View from top of Tunnel Entrance
View across towards Tunnel
Cobb's Engine House and Festival Site
View from top of the hill near Cobb's Engine House
Looking down on Hawne Basin Arm with Kildare and President
View from the hill: Windmill End and Cobb's Engine House
Boats with a Difference
Nicely decorated
Zigeuner (Gipsy)
Boats in festive mood
Roof top garden (1)
Roof top garden (2)
Decorated Roof
Flower Pot with a Difference
Arriving at Mindmill End
Netherton Tunnel Exit looking back
Sophia on her way through the crowds
Sophia has just passed Hawne Basin Arm
Sophia moored at last
Looking at the other Narrowboats
President and Kildare (1)
President and Kildare (2)
President (1)
President (2)
President and Kildare (3)
Some Engine
Another Engine
Now you're entering the year 1950
Gifford moored at Hawne Basin Arm
The Fifties (1)
The Fifties (2)
Traditional Freight (1)
Traditional Freight (2)
Promoting the Black Country Living Museum
Promoting the World Canal Conference in Birmingham 1996
Boats moored next to Hawne Basin Arm
Crowded Site (1), BBC Radio2 is present
Crowded Site (2)
Crowded Site (3)
Crowded Site (4)
Crowded Site (5)
Crowded Site (6)
Boats with Cobb's Engine House
Parking in third row
Boats on both sides of the canal
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