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Birmingham Bullring ,Construction Worker

Yes, it is exciting ....

... the latest Development in

Images of
Old and New Bullring
Shopping Centre
and Digbeth
with St. Martin's Church

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The Old Bullring: Photographs taken in April 1994

Birmingham Bullring

Birmingham Bullring Graf Nelson

Bullring: St Martin's Chrurch
Bullring St. Martin's Church
Bullring St Martin's Church
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The Old Bullring: Photographs taken in January 1998
St Martin's Church Evening Sun
The Old Fruit and Veg Market and Pavillons Shopping Centre
The Old Bullring Shopping Centre and Rotunda
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Construction Site: Photographs taken in March 2001
Birmingham Bullring, The Markets, Rotunda und St. Martin's
Digbeth, St. Martin's Church
Birmingham Bullring
St. Martin's Church
Bullring Construction Site
Bullring: New Street Station and Construction Site
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The New Bullring: Photographs taken in August 2003
The New Bullring,Square next to St Martin's Church
The New Bullring, Debenhams Store and indoor market
Bullring: the other side
Bullring view from New Sreet Station

Debenhams Store, Smallbrook Queensway

Pavillion Shopping Centre, Rotunda, Bullring view from Moor Street Station

The new Selfridge's Store
The Rotunda
Market Stall in the Fruit and Veg Market
View from the Paragon Hotel, Highgate
The Bullring Complex, view from the Paragon Hotel in Highgarte
Market Stall in the Fruit and Veg Market
View from New Street
St. Martin's Church
The Indoor Market, Edgbaston Street
the Markets, Rotunda, church, Selfridges
St. Martin's Church and Rotunda Debenhams and St Martin's Church The Square between the Church and the Bullring view from top of car park
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Moor Street Station, to be completed in 2005
Moor Street Station, the newly restored Booking Hall
Moor Street Station Booking Hall
The Booking Hall Moor Street Station
The Station and Selfridges beyond
Selfridges, Rotunda, Pavillion, view from Moor Street Station
Moor Street Station, Pavillion Shopping Centre, Rotunda
under construction, to be completed in 2005
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